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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

who's doing the defacement

You may wonder why so many web defacements seem so petty and juvenile. Most of them get nothing across except that they "hacked" the site and have their hacker handles all over the site. The main reason behind this is because the real hackers are the ones that find the vulnerabilities. When they find the vulnerability they may publish some proof of concept or exploit code. A large majority of the time they do nothing and it moves down to someone who writes a program for it or a script that runs the exploit code to take advantage of a vulnerable system. Then the script kiddies, who have no real knowledge of their own and just run the programs, get a hold of this and are the ones that do most of the damage around the web.

While occasionally its not the kiddies and somebody that knows what they're doing will hack into a system and deface a site, it is much less common. Because of this the best way to defend against a defacement is to keep up on all security updates and patches on your system. Usually if you have everything updated the the old tools that the script kiddies have are not going to be effective and you can avoid the majority of defacements


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