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Monday, June 19, 2006

website defacement, still an issue today

Recently I have been under the impression that no one worried about website defacement anymore. Yes, many probably remember hearing much more about it in the 90's especially when really big sites like Yahoo! were defaced. Defacement does still happen regularly but usually its to smaller sites that are not as renowned because internet security has become a much more pertinent issue in this newfangled web we have today.

This does not mean that bigger sites are impervious to defacement attacks. After a little looking around I found some sites that have been defaced recently. Links to mirrors of the sites while they were defaced follow.

  • The Argentina Volkswagen site
  • A lab in the Harvard Medical School
  • The Kansas Department of Agriculture (ksda)
Even though defacement may not find its way into mainstream news anymore it is definitely still a problem to be dealt with.


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