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Thursday, June 22, 2006

nobody wants to trust you when you're compromised

While this isnt really a case of website defacement it is an unwanted system intrusion. Ohio University had 173,000 ssn and 60,000 medical records accessed on a system that was obviously not very secure. Why might it be obvious? Well that would be the fact it took 13 months for anyone to discover the breach in security occured. Now this may be an extreme example of when something like this happens but it does happen. If you have lots of confidential information on your network it is vitally important to protect that information. In this case an alumni even took a hefty donation to the university out of her will and on top of the loss of trust 2 million has already been spent on the universities audit trying to find out what really happened. Any breach like this will create a rift between you and your users where a strong trust may have been before. Things like this should never take that long to detect but it really shows you how you have to closely watch all any secure information stored on your network.


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