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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

don't mess with pirates

If you've been out of the loop or don't care to pay much attention then you may not have heard about the fiasco with Back at the beginning of this month they were raided by the sweedish police and their servers were confisgated. They only ended up being down for 3 days. It turned out that the MPAA had encouraged the sweedish goverment to make this all happen in lengthy discussions. Members of the community or possibly the sweedish pirate party took it upon themselves to take down the Sweedish police's website after the event. Those Sweedes are pretty serious about their copyright reform, so much so they have a political party with serious backing that wants to do something about it and it even ended up on tv.

The new news is that a sweedish newspaper now revealed the full letter that was signed by the directory of anti-piracy in the MPAA. Apparently political lobbying knows no borders.


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